Saw these guys open up at JT's on March 16 to the largest crowd we've ever

seen at JT's. I'm told they had a huge following there for them alone.

From the "Battle of the Bands" flyer...

Aphasia is a six piece band that was origionally spawned in Sharon, PA in October of 1999. A year after their surfacing and playing countless shows, they decided to make some changes by picking up a new drummer and adding a sampler to the mix. After taking a six month break at the end of last summer, Aphasia has composed all new material and has taken their music in a new direction. Aphasia creates the heaviest music possible to the best of their ability, but still strives for the technical aspect that they have always tried to acheive as well. Aphasia's live show is just as important to them as the music. Agression, high intensity, getting the crowd involved and being able to relate to fans on an emotional level are all of vital importance to Aphasia.


Catching up with two guys from Aphasia after their set.at JT's March 16.


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